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“…After a bit of hiking into the hills, my local guide, Kim, pointed out some fresh tracks…”

Musk ox hunting experience

My adventure with North Greenland Hunting started already at the transportation to the hunting area, which was done by boat from Qasigiannguit and into the tucked-away Orpissooq fjord, where we set up our camp. The next day, we set out to search for the musk ox, using a dingy with a small outboard motor to bring us further into the wilderness on the big Orpissooq lake. This set-up allowed us to cover a lot of terrain in a day, and we hiked into many beautiful valleys, climbing small peaks along the way in order to look for animals. Tracks were plentiful, but the output meagre on the first day, as we did not spot a single musk ox. I comforted myself with the thought of another full day awaiting the next morning, keeping in mind all the tracks we had seen during the day. Undoubtedly, there were musk ox in the area.

With anticipation mounting, the second day was one of great suspense. After a bit of hiking into the hills, my local guide, Kim, pointed out some fresh tracks in the frosty moss, which we followed onto a rigde.

Musk ox tracks in snow


From here, a large musk ox was spotted, barely visible against the hillside on the other side of the valley. Following Kim´s instructions, I walked directly toward the musk ox in a straight line. The large bull also spotted us, and turned its huge head attentively toward us. Lying down aiming at the target, the minutes passed very slowly as I waited for the animal to relax enough to turn its side toward us.

Musk ox are also spotted us


When it finally did, it took three shots until 400 kilos of musk ox fell to the ground. Carrying the trophy of almost 40 kilos down to the fjord was quite heavy, but also the best way imaginable to end a successful Greenlandic musk ox hunt!

Many aspects of this trip made it nothing short of an unparalleled experience. The remote location, the friendly local Greenlandic guide, the landscape, and the hard work of carrying the trophy and meat out of the mountains, made this a once in a lifetime hunting adventure. The weather at the end of September was also ideal for long hikes, with comfortable temperatures, crisp air and, quite importantly, no insects to distort the views nor divert the attention from the task of locating the formidable Greenlandic musk ox.

Musk ox trophy


The serentity of the Orpissooq landscape, combined with the thrill of shooting such an impressive animal as the musk ox, made this trip truly unique. I recommend North Greenland Hunting to anyone who wants an exclusive and authentic hunting experience, with a real flair of adventure. On this trip, you have to make an effort to get your trophy, making it much more rewarding when you can finally take a close look at a 400 kilo musk ox – through the lens of your riflescope.

Lisa Erdal